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Jen E

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Jakob H

No doubt, you probably get many notes like this. But I find myself compeled to write this anyway. You can add me to the list of amazed and satisfied clients of Red Tantra. I have NEVER had a massage experience that was this relaxing and sensuous. Right now I am so laid back that I could fall off the chair. Endorphins must be running rampant through my brain and body.

I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately praise my therapist. She arrived with a smile and a very calming attitude. Since this massage services in Singapore was a first for me, I didn’t know how I was going to react to the session. She put me at ease from the start. Her touch and technique are just amazing. My body got so relaxed that I fell asleep a couple of times. I have never been touched in such an exquisite manner in my life. I cannot find words to describe how much I enjoyed this session with her. Please pass along my deepest respect and warmest thanks to her. She is a jewel.

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