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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina, literally meaning “Divine Passage” or “Sacred Temple.” There are reasons why they call it with such beautiful words. Yoni or vaginal massage Singapore is the sanctuary of all sexual desire and pleasure massage. Vagina massage is the ritual of honouring and healing this part of the body. By focusing on the joy and wonder of the vagina, vagina massage maximizes your sexual experience, which is its utmost aspiration. Recently “Holistic vaginal massage” or “yoni massages” have been on the rise in Singapore.

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Female Vulva sexuality massage Singapore is a synergy of spiritual intimacy and physical pleasure. The seed of a woman’s sexuality is in her heart. Vagina is the garden where the seed is nurtured and flowers. By following the guidance Tantra offers, vagina massage helps women learn to connect their heart to their yoni’s pleasure. Singapore Vaginal massage leads to a place where the goddess can experience her vagina as fully as she does her heart.

Best Vaginal massage Singapore is fast becoming a ‘thing’, and despite it sounding like something that comes complete with a happy ending, they’re actually used to help have a better sex life, and relieve any stress and tension that the vagina is storing.

There is so much unleashed energy and trauma held in the vagina massage. To tap on it shine the way for a whole new horizons of sexual experience. The practice of vagina massage, of healing the vagina and releasing energy and trauma, vagina massage is like pulling the weeds from a garden to reserve space and nutrition for flowers to grow. Tantra allows women to plant these flowers within their bodies — flowers of love, joy and ecstasy with the vagina massage.

Vagina massage will often bring more sensitivity and vitality to the female G spot massage Singapore, and lead to the amazing experience of female orgasm, which releases amrita, the sacred feminine waters. Through the sacred ritual of vagina massage, the goddess learns to release old beliefs that are keeping her from her full sexual enjoyment and her full potential as a lover.

As part of a full body massage, vagina massage and lingam massage is an experience like no other in Singapore and Hong Kong. Our outcall massage service offers a service that can incorporate any of these types of massage, including Swedish massage. We also offer a best home massage service in Singapore, for the ultimate in rest and relaxation.